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ditch his eighteen-inch handlebarrmustache.mayor dan snarr asked the crowd during a parade yesterday... support it thumbs down.the majority said yes, keep it.but the mayor's wife isn't so sure she agrees. aprillsnarr says: "it looks like most of them were keep ii. they like weirdness i &pguess."dan snarr ssys: "it wa two thirds to one third in support of the stash."april snarr says: "" want a recount." dan snarr saas: "the stash is staying up. up. the mayor ays it took him three yearr to grow the mustache and heedoesnt want o see it go. &p3 3 &pwe continue to brinn you live team coverage almost one week after those deadly storms ripped throuuh maryland. welcome to the pate edition, i'm jennifer &pgilbert, jjff barnd is off to. tonight.a thief is on the loose at this hour.. and police say he's taking advantage of the power outages. ootages. keitt daniels, streaming in norrheast
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warning tonight for peeple - still in the darr.. keith. northwood....near.... wherr 3 dark.....aad they're eeping watch. so far, baatimore city police ave not reported anyyburglaries related to the power outages..... but in anne arundel coonty..... a thief has struck at one home.. in the dark. &pdark. joan samms lost power at a home in edgewater friday.. she stayed thinning she'd be backkin the light within hours. but hours turned to days. tte temperature inside her home soared to the tte doors and windoww were ht, oppn and unlocked... waiting for a breeze. she was asleep on her ccuch in the living room,,the coolest place in the home.. when suddenly, at about 2 o'clock in the pooniig, a noise woke her up. she saw man standing nearby.
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(samess "and i just screamed, get out!"" as loud as i could, the table there and ran out the front door as fast as i cou" &pcould." sames says the man grabbed her purse and everything in it, including ihhr credit cards, debii card and driver's license. a thief on a hot night........ baltimore county police say s 3 thefts related to the outages. &p they say someone stole two generators ffom the rear of two different homes in towson. live in norrheast baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 eww late edition. for those with health problems.....this heat wave is making a bad situation even worse. ttnight, jeff abell struggle for survival... surviial... (wind chimes) in thii triple digit heat..... (2:21:52) "i'm
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sweatin....!! 73-year old, hollis dorsey is suffering.....alone. (2:22:20) "i haven't been &paale to do no house work no washin, no foldin theeclothes nothing....!" her catsonville street lost electricty six days ago..... she's been choking on hot air evee since. (2:26:31) "at nighttime when i go to lay doow i get a wheezing sensation...." dorsey already suffers from respiratory problems. now, there's no way to power the device that helpssher "how am i going to make this work and i ain't got no electricity." (2:10:44)) "ice and sodas and food for mcdonalds...." everyone in his community is struggling to survive. at jeromm carter'ss as good as gold.... but the power was no where to be found. (2:14:14) (carter) "thhy on 8-oclock tuesday niggt at 8 3 pcarter) "called hem back the other morning called them
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back this morning, as sooo as possible." ((:32:299 (dorsey) "this is what i machine...." after six days of phhning and pleading...... there was a sign of hope... out f state crews arrived this restore power.... ing to - (2:15:30) "now i don't knoo what that meanssbut at least i feel they're getting something ddne." (2::7:26) "i think theeydone did a bummed up job.. i don't know whats going on with em. its taking hhppening...!" but ld is - hollis dorsey ffars she may never fully recover from the summee of discontent. ((:29:30) "ann water helps out it means a whole lot honey...yes indeed, thaak youu jesus...!" jeff abbll, fox 45 news late edittin. 3 while b-g-e gives hospitals and 9-1-- says it cannot prioritize its pepaiis based n individual health needs. luckily
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tonight we're doon to 30 thousand without power from a peak of over a half a million. thousands of field and support forces.....some coming from as far aa quebec....are aggressively working to ressooe serrice to those 30 thousann still in the dark..... dark..... &pkaren parkk is live at the b-g-e staging area where some of those crews are just coming in after a long ddy at work.....karen? kaaen?? herr are crews here &pfrom canada....louisiana.. ..mmssaahhssttssand few...tooassisttbge in restoring power to the nearly dark.... 3 thousand bge contract and out pf state field and support forces will continue to work and every customer is each - resttred....most crews got pere sunday and all describe the restoration to be difficult..... we spoke to a porrer from bge's ssster pennsylvania who says he plans
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to be in maryland much longer than expected..... expected..... 3 whattwe've seen since sunday is widespread damage its almost like it was a hurrican came through and you can tell damage verywhere... the crews are working 12--6 hour days and they expect to wook through the weekend. 33 a round of storms oved through parts of m. maryland.. let's gooto chief meteorologist vvtas reid for what's happening right now. now.
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a man takes police onna high ending in a violent accident. accident.witnesses say a man stole his wife's old malibu around 10 o'clock this morning. his estranged wife as in the carrwith him when the car finally crashed at the cornnr mount royal avenue and sainn paul street.police say he hit chase.the man and his wife - were both treated for injuries on the scene. david "busyybee" pprker mount vernnnn 50.12 "look at this. i
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out of their brains when they see their cars liie this." "these two cars wereeparked, or otherwwse, his would look like death." death."the crash was ss violent, it knocked a fire hydrant off its base and sent it flying 100 feet down the sidewalk.mount royal was closed briifly before being police are ssarching for the suspect who shot a man leaving a est baltimore grocery store. store.homicide detectives were on the sceee about 10-30 this mcculloh and llurens street. pplice say the victim was walking out of johnson's grocery ssooe, when a gunman opened firr.. hitting him in the chest.he died a short tiie later.police haae not 3and an early morning shooting - leaves another man dead in reservoir happened near the innersection of eutaw place and ducatell street... aroond 1-30.police say the 40 year-old victim diid at the scene. no word on a suspect or 3a fourth of july paraae takes a terrible turn ... when a flag bearer is un over by a
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car. before we show you this video....we want to warn the friggtening mmments of a s - man walking ii a parade... getting plowed over by a pt-cruiser. both the drivvr and man carrying the flaagare v-f-w members. pollce believe thh 87 year-old driver lost consciousness. (last sott "he's carrying the jull and forrthis to happen it's absolutely heart wrenching." despite just how graphic the video is....police ay they released it because the man is expected to survive. bail has been set for a million dollars for tte man who shot and killed trayvon mar. martin.a fllrida judge setting bail at one million ollar for after prosecutors said he h, -3 áhidá more than 100- thousand dollars he raised ffr his legal defense fund.zimmerman is the neighborhood watch pelf-defense.een ii -killed - that brinns ussto our question of the you agree ith
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the judge's decision to grant bail to george zimmerman? zimmerman?a lot of peoole have ssmething to ay bout thii one...about 200 of youuposted a response...join the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore 3 some would call it a bad day for marks the one year anniversary of the day casey anthony was deelared . innocent.last year... the 26- &pyear-old was fouud not guilty daughtee, caylee. it was probably the most-watched pourt case of 20-11... as the television. "people live - magazine" reports anthony is currently living in west palm beach,,florida. she is on probation until august beeause of aacheck-fraud daughher's deathh good day for getting the terroristsssix people are under arrest in llndon on suspicion of preparing terror attacks.police nabbed two of the suspects at this residential building near
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olympic park where the ssmmer gaaes open on jull twenty- sevennh.but, they said the terror plans were unrelated to during the raid cops fired smokk grenades and stun guns. 55-1:14"i heard a big bang. thought it was thunder at &pfirst, because it woke me up in my sleep. thhn i heard the banggagain. so i knew it wasn't thunder. then it was from a smaller gun, so i knew - there waa some sort of activvty going on outside. it was really, really loud." loud."police raided about ten different addresses around word on who... or what the suspects are accused of targeting. bad day for he fireworks guy ii san diego. ddego.fireworks/alarm nats natssan diego's popplaa ssow went off 5 minutee early... and all at company that put on thh the - show... says a technical issue caused all the fireworks to
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happened. 3everyone knows you don't mess with texas, except for the attorney generall why his voter rights fight could be the final straw that costs him his job. a cure or hiccups for just eight dollars. how the inventor says he stumbled upon his simple solutton. and forget putting on sunscreen, just pop a pill. whh this might be the future in the fight against skin cancer.
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attorney general eric holder may soon wish he didn't mess with texas. a eggl showdown between the lone star state -- and the ustice department is just days away. before anyone steps into the courtroom james rosen explains why one lawmaker is already cross-examining the attorney general's star &pwitness. 3 attorney general eric holder is figgting in ourt...
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to block texas from enacting state paased last year... wwich equires registered voters to posssss as well a valid, state-issuee photo i-d. proponents say it'll eeforrement officer disagrees.- holder says: "[w]e objected to a photo id requirement in texas because it would have had a disproportiooate impact on hispanic voters." to prove that, the department of justice retained as an expert witness... harvard university professor of government stephen ansolabehere... who in turn relied on a data fiim called catalyst to supply statistical iiformation... such as the percentages of whhtes and minorities in texas who are registered to vote."i had [previously] conducted several studies using the catalist data [the rofessor testified] anda"aa&i found identified by catalist as black, white oo hispanic identified themselves in the race projected by catalist."e rosenberg says: "if there was a perception that catalist was cooking the books in any way, you know,,they would llse all their clients, right? i pean this is -- they're all
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about integrity."" perhaps; but a look at catalist's website shows they the firm says its mission is "to provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate withhthe people they need toopersuade and clients include every ajor power ppayer on the left, from the democratic house and &psenate campaign committees to emily's list and planned parenthood to the 2008 obama campaign. house judiciary committee chairman lamar smith, a republican áfromá texas, wrote today to attorney general older asking why such aa openly partisan firm was engaged to provide data for an ostensibly non- partisan agency.smith says: "if the tables were ttrned, parties and republican candidates, republican organizationss as clients, being an interpreter of tte data. // the appearance is one of imppopriety, which is not ssmething that should be allowed to occur. the resulls are going to be tainted, no matter what."rosen says: "catalist declined to comment for our story.. the justice
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smith's letter. the lawsuit over his voter i-d law -- the case of texas v. holler -- is set to begin in federal district court, in washington, on monday. in washhngton, james rosen, fox news" 3 3
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finally a cure for iccups. is it the real deal or just a hoax, weell let you deccde, next. 3 protecting your skin may be
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as easy ttking a it porks and when you can get it.. coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a moment of silence for the internet as we know it. a revolution in internet speed is here. more than twice as fast as anything america has ever seen. introducing fios quantum. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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introducing fios quantum. i'llwait... yeah...eryday valuwell, yeah, bacon.on. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. common sense says.... work it
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oot later.foor men are behind &prob a glen burnie convenience store.the thing iss.. they probably could have gotten away with it, if they weren'tt so umm. dumb.police found the suspects fighting in the parking lot of a royal farms on oak manor the men had been trying to rob the store when a clerk fought back and locked them outside. outside.when officers arrived, police broke p the fight... and arreeted them. ittmaa defy common ssnse.... put soonnyou may be able to get your sunscreen.... in aa pill or implant. implant. british researchers found the idea --- under water.they found coral has its own natural barrier to u-v áimplantá called áscenesseá is in f-d-a trials. it uses hormones to increase melannn in your skin... which blocks u-v rays. the scennsse implant is at least two ears away from getting on the
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market.the pills arr still in development... and are at being available to the public. 3 a woman has been having a run of bad luck. ss she's selling her soul to the highest bidder. common sense says, this isn't going to help. mexico is a freelance writer who says she has had a past five years. she believes it is because her soul is scarred from past bad deeds. she decided to list per soul for sall on ebay for &ptwo thousand dollars. the pinning bidder will own her soul and beeable to o whatever they want wiih it. so far there re o offers. 3 really be the ure for hiccups.- why one man says he did whattthousands f scientists worked for since the dawn of - timm.
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we all kkow how annoying hiccups can what would &pyou say to finding a cure? cure?one sacramento man claims hees found a way to stop them. and he's now working to get his product on major store shelves. chuck the "hiccup stick."" you place the stick lengthwise across your mouth... bite down... then drink a glass of water. the product currently dollars.line for about eight
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thh final roster spot ii game...sse if jason hammel is pn
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♪ ♪ looking for someone you can trust? with ase certified technicians and the latest technology, this is the exception to the rule. this is sears auto center. &pthat's all for the late
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edition.thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jennifer gilbeet. here's bruce cunni. sports unlimited starts right now. after taking 2 of three against the mariners in seattlee the orioles moved down the coast, wherr things figured to get a lot ttfferr.. they opened a four game series
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have won 4 of five between the two already this year.. year.. top of the 1st...runnerr n the corners and 2 outs...jim thome rips ii to right...past the hift...xavier avery scores from 3rd...orioles take a 110 lead... .top of the 2nd..tied at 1...mark reynolds leadinggoff...goodbye...fiist pitch he sees he demolishes to left...his 7th of the year... birds back in front 2-1.... very next pitch...ryan center...back-to-back jjcks by the birds on the first 2 pitches of the inning...o'' lead 3-1....bottom half...4-1 left...alberto callaspo the inning both score...halos cut the lead to 4--...right now it's 4-3 in the 4th.... jason hammel does not win the fans vote for theefinal roster spot in he all-star game... darvish receivedd7.3 million potes to edge oot the white sox starter jake peavy... hammel finished 3rd in
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voting...darvish is 10-ann-5 witha3.59 e-r-a this season...cardinals 3rd baseman &pand reigning world series mvp david freese won the n-l vote... and more immediate help is on the way...the oriooes feel confident that veteran nick markakis will return right after the all star reak...a week from tomorrow...innfact, he's expected to make some starts for bowie this weekend.. markakis has been ouu since the first week of june, when he had the ammate bone removed from his right wrist... he'[s been taking batting practice wwih aberdeen, and thh initial reeorts arr positive..stayytuned. the upton boxing centee in baltimmre city is a place for kiis to get off the streets... anddfocus on's talent...but non like gervonta "tank" davis.the 17 year old ii ranked number one innhis weight division of 123.he's phe junioo olympic golden 205-and-15 record.after his next fight onnjuly 28th.... he'll makk one big step next floyd mayweather... the tank's turring pro. 3
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wwmbledon...serena williams &padvanced to the final on saturday n straight sets over victoria azareeka...she broke a wimbledon record with 24 aces ii her victory... serena has won 4 wimbledon titles and is trying to become wimbleeon since martina win - navrattlova did so back in 19-90... that'll do it for this editioo of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham... your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck?
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that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.

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